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Please join us for the dolphin experience of a lifetime!

Program dates for 2025:

April 27-May 4
May 4-11
May 11-18

Dates are Sunday to Sunday allowing time for travel and for occasional Saturday dolphin sessions

Our program is unique—we utilize direct dolphin sonar. When our brain is exposed to dolphin sonar, our brainwave pattern drops down to a meditative state, which sets the body and mind up for healing.

Since 1988, Living from the Heart has been facilitating dolphin-human interactive programs as an alternative form of therapy for various illnesses and conditions including cancer, autism and chronic pain.

Living from the Heart has worked with families from around the globe that have witnessed dramatic quality of life improvements. These improvements include: 

-Acquisition of speech

-Improvement in eye contact and social skills

-Greater social engagement

-Decrease in pain

-Overall improvement in mental and emotional well-being

-Going from hopeless to hopeful

-Lifting of depression and anxiety

There are early studies on the benefits of dolphin sonar, that looked at EEG patterns.  A brief synchronization of the two brain hemispheres was consistently observed, along with an induced alpha brainwave pattern.

The induced relaxation response cascades throughout the body. It is believed dolphin sonar, through the brainwave shifting,  induces a deep meditative and relaxed state and a sensation of “bliss”. 

When a person is relaxed, endorphins flow freely in the body which has a positive impact on the immune, nervous and endocrine systems. This facilitates healing, effective learning, motivation, re-patterning, etc. 

"I have not felt myself this light, blissful and joyful ever in my life!!"

“It’s just indescribable to express all the feelings you feel when you’re in the water with the dolphins."

                                -Kate from LA​
            (see full testimonial on News page)

While LFH primary focus is providing an opportunity for healing and respite for those who experience disease or disability, all can benefit from the experience. 

Everyone who participates in our programs is met with a profound life changing experience.  The basic cost of 5 dolphin therapy sessions is $1,400-$1,900. Availability is limited. To learn more about our program fill out the Request Information form below. 

Cost of the program does not include, accommodations, airfare, transportation, meals or gratuities. 

Kate thanking Linco. 
Franco's whole family in Cozumel for dolphin therapy. They continue to see improvement, so they keep coming back. We will be posting updates on his improvements in our News page.