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                                                                                     Our Mission:

"To provide a safe environment for people to live from the heart and expand the wellness consciousness of mankind. To initiate bonds of support and pathways to enhance each individual’s full potential--physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. "

Living from the Heart is a pioneer in the field of Dolphin Therapy. Since 1988 over 3200 people have shared in our dolphin therapy programs. Participants from all walks of life on diverse journeys come to our Dolphin encounters. Some are simply curious, or Dolphin lovers, others seek reprieve from disease or disability. All are greeted with a life changing experience. 

Our program is unique. We utilize dolphin sonar not just trained dolphin interactions. Researchers have found that dolphin therapy aids in reducing stress and increasing relaxation, alleviating depression, boosting T cells, stimulating production of endorphins and hormones, enhancing recovery and reducing pain.

We travel to the beautiful island of Cozumel where we meet our Dolphin friends in an amazing semi-private Dolphin haven. Our Dolphin companions are well cared for and bonded to their human and interspecies pods. 

Scientists believe that dolphins’ ultrasound emissions have considerable healing potential. 

Clinically, ultrasound has been used to promote healing and to destroy cataracts, kidney stones, and gall stones.  

In terms of energy, the dolphins’ ultrasound blast is 4 times stronger than ultrasound used in hospitals. Furthermore, this blast is delivered through the water which is 60 times more efficient than air.
Come live this experience with your family! 
"Over the past 35 years of leading dolphin therapy programs, I have seen many miraculous, positive changes in participants. 
                                                                               -Macy Jozsef, founder and director, Living from the Heart

Macy, Christol and Saul are filled with joy, love and laughter as Teun does his belly ride on the dolphin. Tuen has set the record for the most belly rides, 146 in 2 weeks!
Teun, from the Netherlands doing his belly rides. 

Lorenzo from the Netherlands
Mike received simultaneous sonar from 2 dolphins. He has had chronic pain since he donated a kidney years ago. The sonar reduced Mike’s pain.
Macy with Amizcle.